Clinics, Workshops & Master Classes

MASTER-CLASSES: 60 minutes (or the duration of one class period)
This forum provides an opportunity for middle or high school jazz and concert ensembles to perform excerpts from their repertoire for constructive critique and evaluation by JazzReach’s resident ensemble, Metta Quintet. Upon completion of each piece, individual members of the quintet offer thoughtful commentary and suggestions on how to improve and / or strengthen techniques such as “swinging”, articulation, stylistic interpretation, phrasing, attack, time-keeping, chord-voicing and improvisation.

WORKSHOPS: 90 minutes (or the duration of one class period)
Workshops are similar to master classes in that they require the student ensemble to perform for the quintet. However, they are a bit more intensive and provide students with sectional coaching (ie. rhythm section, brass, woodwinds etc.) and more individual attention.

CLINICS: 60 minutes (or the duration of one class period)
Clinics feature Metta Quintet at their instruments, playing and illustrating some of their ideas and personal insights about the many facets of jazz performance. Clinics do not necessarily require that a student ensemble perform although they are welcome and often encouraged to join in.

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